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What you need to Know about Your Indoor Air Quality

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Uncategorized |

It is important to understand and calculate the quality of indoor air circulating your house. More time is spent inside the house when at home. Bad indoor air in the house should be a great concern, as it could cause illness and other health complications. Here are some concepts you might not know about air circulation in your house. Indicators of Bad Indoor Air Quality There are common warning signs showing presence of air pollutants that may be destructive in your home: Feeling sick and uncomfortable in the house and better when you leave Poor circulation of air in the house You may spot growth of mould in the house. Humid indoor air that may result to condensation Changes in your health condition after remodelling or renovating your house Stuffy rooms in the house due to poor ventilation Potential Sources of Indoor Air Pollutants Air pollutants may contaminate your house in many ways. Materials and other chemicals in the house have the ability of realising gases and particulates into the circulating air. In cases where there is poor ventilation and free circulation of air, these particulates and chemical contaminants are concentrated in the inside of your home making it uncomfortable. In addition, humid homes create breeding grounds for contaminants. Therefore, major sources of indoor air pollution may include house chemicals such as drugs and detergents, malfunctioned space heaters, outdoor pollution of air that penetrates the house and so on. As a management strategy, dispose any used chemical containers in a safe manner. Measuring Your Indoor Air Quality Measurement of indoor air quality may be done using a VOC (volatile organic compounds) sensor. The tool measures the presence of volatile organic compounds present in the air. Other measurement tools that can be used include a carbon dioxide detector that has the ability to track the presence of carbon dioxide gas in the air, and radon detectors. Improving Your Indoor Air Quality There are various ways you could use to boost the flow of air circulation in your home and improve its quality. First is to enhance the ventilation of your house by opening windows wide and using fans. Kitchen and bathroom ventilation will eliminate any harmful fumes and allow fresh air in your house. For chemical components, choose a specific place for storage in order to separate them. They are active sources of chemical pollutants and contribute largely to affecting purity of indoor air. For more information, contact Air Cleaners Australia or a similar...

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Using the hardware store tools to create fabulous jewellery

Posted by on May 5, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Do you wish to take your jewellery crafting to another level? Well, you’re in luck. If your handcrafted pieces have been looking less creative, it’s about time you crank things up. One of the best ways of doing so is taking a trip to the hardware store. These stores hold a catalogue of amazing tools you can use for your jewellery pieces. So if you enjoy creating your jewellery, then read on. Here are some of the best ways your local hardware store could enhance your creativity. Hex nuts for earrings One of the major tools you’d find in a hardware store is a hex nut. That box of hex nuts lying around could create amazing earrings with just a little effort. All you’ll have to do is glue the nuts to an earring post and let the glue dry. This gives you a pair of gorgeous hex nut earrings. Hex nut earrings can also be a good tool for creating bracelets. Get a golden wire and use it to link the nuts together. You can form interlocking patterns using the wire between each nut to add a bit of a flair. The best part about creating bracelets using these hex nuts is that when it turns out to be too huge, all you need to do is take out a nut. Finally, add a clasp at the end. Washers for a necklace Washers are also a good option when it comes to making a necklace. They have a beautiful disc shape, and the hole in the middle makes it easy to attach other materials. You can wrap a wire around it to form a necklace. Afterwards, attach beads all along the length of the wire for an appealing look. You could also choose to combine a number of washers together in a beautiful pattern. Join the washers together using a golden wire, then add beads to the pattern. Doing so would make the result even prettier. Light chain for body jewellery You could even create whole body jewellery from a hardware store trip. All you need to gather is a light chain, clasp and jump rings. First, measure your neck size and cut appropriately. The chain should be tight but not too tight to actually choke you. Add a clasp and wear the necklace. This is the neck piece that you’ll use to attach other pieces of the body chain to. The next phase is where your creativity comes into play. The process involves cutting off the chain bits and joining the points on the neck piece using jump rings. You could go for any pattern that pleases...

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4 Tricks To Amplify Storage Space In Tiny Kitchens

Posted by on Apr 20, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Kitchens are at the core of every home because they keep your stomach full and content. But small kitchens pose a challenge when it comes to efficiently storing cooking ingredients, utensils, vegetables, appliances and cutlery. If you’ve decided to renovate to maximise storage, then your kitchen renovation designs must be practically functional and visually appealing. Follow these tricks to amplify storage space in tiny kitchens. Add Upper Cabinets To Reduce Clutter On Floors  While planning additional storage in kitchens, upper cabinets offer both visual appeal by opening up the look of a kitchen and functional efficiency by storing items internally to reduce clutter. These upper cabinets in kitchens also enhance movement space because fewer items are located in lower areas. To maximise storage space, remember to take these cabinets up to your kitchen ceiling. Plan sleek and minimalistic cabinet designs to create the illusion of larger spaces because elaborate or bulky work on cabinets can close up the room to make it seem smaller. Create Under-Sink Storage The area below a kitchen sink is most often wasted because people assume that plumbing parts will get in the way of storage. Debunk this myth and introduce storage solutions like stacking shelves and door racks to store durable kitchen supplies like cleaning liquids, laundry detergent, dishwashing solutions, mops, dusters and much more. Maximising under-sink storage is a great way to store resilient necessities without using up precious space elsewhere. Consider Wall Mounting Items Certain items like wine glasses, knives, utensils, dishes and cloths can easily be hung up on blank walls, so that you can make the most of your kitchen’s available space. Rows of different racks on the wall from the ceiling to the floor will allow you to reduce clutter from your floors and benchtops. For instance, draping towels over a rod or hanging wine glasses on a wine rack will allow you to place these items on walls where they take up the least space –­– adding considerable visual appeal to your small kitchen. Utilise Corner Pullout Pantries More often than not, the space between your fridge and wall is wasted because it’s too small for putting anything. A smart idea is to insert a slim, pullout pantry in this corner space because it can easily be tucked into this tiny area while allowing you to store essential cooking items. The best part of a pullout pantry is the fact that even items stored right at the back can be accessed easily, enabling you to enjoy maximum storage without compromising on functionality. With so many appealing storage solutions, tiny kitchens won’t feel so small anymore. For more information and tips, contact a local kitchen renovation...

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Surprising Times You Might Want to Call a Mobile Locksmith to Your Home

Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in Uncategorized |

You might know to call a mobile locksmith to your home when you’ve been locked out and have no way of actually breaking back in, but this is not the only time when it’s good to call such a professional. A mobile locksmith can help to secure your home when the locks have been compromised for one reason or another, and you don’t want to wait too long before you give them a call when this has happened. Note a few surprising times when you might want to call a mobile locksmith to your home so you know that you and your property are both secure. 1. When a key has broken in the lock A key that’s broken in a lock is more than a nuisance; this can make the lock vulnerable to picking and opening. You may assume that the key cannot be turned and the lock opened if the key is somewhat wedged into the lock itself, but if the key is manipulating the tumblers inside the lock, it could actually keep the lock in an open position. In turn, you wouldn’t be able to lock and secure that door. It’s good to call an emergency locksmith to have the entire lock removed and replaced rather than risk it not being secured. 2. If you’ve had a break-in If your home has been broken into but there is no sign of forced entry, meaning no one broke a window or kicked in a door, then you should call an emergency locksmith. This is because someone may have a copy of your house keys and used those to enter the home. If this is the only conceivable way that someone entered your house when you were away, you want to have a locksmith replace or re-key the home’s locks as quickly as possible so you don’t suffer another break-in. 3. If your keys no longer seem to work as they should Locks can sometimes get dust, dirt, and other debris inside of them so that they become sticky and don’t work very well, but a key that no longer seems to work as it should might also mean that the locks have been tampered with. This can be a sign of a potential break-in, or that someone has tried to copy your house key. In any case, it’s good to call a locksmith right away so he or she can change the locks and you know that no one else will be able to enter your...

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How to clean your air conditioner

Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Air conditioning maintenance is something that many people neglect doing, as it might seem like too much of a project. However, maintaining your air conditioner can increase the life length of the unit itself, but also increase its efficiency when it comes to cooling your house down. You should have your air conditioner looked at regularly by a professional, but there are also things you can do yourself. Cleaning your air conditioning can make it more efficient while you also extend its life. In order to clean your air con unit properly, there are a few things you should think about. Outdoor unit Begin by turning off the power to the air conditioner to make sure you don’t electrocute yourself while cleaning your air conditioning unit. Then continue with cleaning the outdoor unit. This is often the part that gets the dirtiest, as it’s outside all the time. The most important thing to do is to vacuum the outside of your outdoor unit. The fine metal construction that protects the filter is there to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the unit itself, and chances are you have some build up on these parts that need to be vacuumed away before they penetrate the filtration and get into your unit where they can do much more damage than on the outside. Inside the fan You also need to unscrew the fan on your outdoor unit in order to clean it from the inside. Dirt might have gotten into the unit by getting through the fan, and this can decrease the efficiency of the unit. You should start with vacuuming the dirt away, but if you can reach into it properly, you should also try to wipe it with a soft cloth to make sure you get all the small particles that has stuck to the air conditioners interior as well. Indoor unit You should also give your indoor unit a cleaning to make sure the entire system can function properly. Vacuum the outside of the unit to catch any dust that might have built up since you last cleaned it. After that, you need to take the grate away to reach the filter. Take the filter out and vacuum it thoroughly, as a dirty filter won’t be able to catch all particles that gets into the system, which will lead to you having to breathe it in when it instead gets blown into your home. If the filter is torn, or if you’re unable to get all the dirt off by vacuuming it, you should replace it entirely to keep your air conditioner in peak...

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Tips to Keeping Your Plumbing Repair Costs Low

Posted by on Mar 16, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Due to regular use of your plumbing system, you are bound to run into problems with it at one time or another. Unfortunately, some homeowners tend to ignore the signs of plumbing problems until they become so exacerbated that you require the services of an emergency plumber. Plumbing repairs can be quite costly, considering that some of these professionals not only charge an hourly rate for their services, but you could incur additional charges if fixtures and plumbing components need to be replaced. Here are some tips to keeping your plumbing repair costs low and preventing them altogether. Have a plumbing repair checklist When you enlist the services of a 24-hour plumber, chances are there is something seriously wrong with one of your plumbing components. The most common culprits for emergency repairs include a burst pipe or a leaking toilet. While the plumber has arrived to fix your emergency, it is advisable to have a plumbing checklist at hand. This gives you the chances to make the most of their hourly rate as they can have a look at any other potential plumbing problems in your home. If anything is amiss, the plumber can work on it before it becomes aggravated and causes another plumbing emergency. This may save you some extra money that a second visit to the premises may have cost. Do not get rid of grease down the drains One of the main culprits when it comes to blocked pipes and drains is coagulated oil and grease. Regular washing of oily dishes will lead to grease solidifying in the interior walls of your pipes and at the bottom of the drain. Over time, you will find you are experiencing drainage problems that would need professional unblocking from a plumber. Take measures to prevent this by ensuring that all grease from dishes and cooking pots is eliminated in the trash just as you would with food particles. Additionally, invest in sink strainers. These little gadgets ensure that food particles do not make their way down the drain since gradual accumulation will also lead to blocked pipes. Having these measures in place can greatly reduce the chances that you would require the services of an emergency plumber. Source for plumbing fixtures on your own Some plumbing emergencies occur simply because the fixtures are old and decrepit. Rather than have your plumber purchase these and charge you for them, you should opt to source for plumbing fixtures on your own and have a backup stock of them in your home. This gives you the chance to look for discounted deals or secondhand fixtures, which may be much cheaper. Having them stored in your home ensures that your plumbing repair costs will always be cheaper whenever the need for them...

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Choosing Curtains? 4 Sheer Curtain Material Choices For Your Living Room

Posted by on Feb 29, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Curtains are excellent window treatments for your living room because they combine aesthetic prowess with practical functionality. When it comes to choosing sheer curtains for your living room, you have a myriad of material choices at your disposal. This guide is designed to help you choose between different sheer curtain materials for your living room. Cotton Sheer Curtains Cotton sheer curtains are usually thicker than other types of sheer fabrics and come with patterned or multi-coloured fibres to create fine textures. Cotton can easily be machine washed and generally do not fade when exposed to sunlight. They allow daylight to come through but also offer adequate privacy, making them a good choice for east or west facing windows. Cotton has excellent casual appeal, so you can choose from different colours to create a shabby chic living room appearance. Lace Sheer Curtains Lace sheer curtains offer delicate appeal and bring a touch of sophistication to your living room. They come in a myriad of colours and patterns –– featuring shapes and imagery to bring life to your living room. Some lace curtains can easily be washed in a machine, but others may need dry cleaning. Establish your maintenance comfort before choosing lace sheer curtains for your living room. You can also choose between traditional and contemporary styles based on your living room décor. Silk Sheer Curtains Silk sheer curtains represent high sophistication and charming appeal, elevating the classiness of your living room. Silk sheer curtains are available in both metallic and soft textures based on your personal decorative preferences. You can also choose between solid coloured or pattered curtains depending on the overall look of your living room. Silk is perhaps the most luxurious material for modern and traditional living rooms, so if you’re looking to create a look of opulence, then these are perfect for you. Most silk curtains need to be dry cleaned to maintain their immaculate appearance. Polyester Sheer Curtains Polyester sheer curtains are also available in a variety of colours, textures and patterns, but they don’t have the same luxurious appeal as lace and silk curtains. With some high-end polyester materials, you can achieve an ornate look in your living room at budget-friendly prices, which is why they are popular in many homes. Polyester can also be machine washed and is typically free of wrinkles, making them a good low maintenance solution for your living room. If you’re looking to add sheer curtains to your living room, you can choose between these materials based on your personal preferences and overall living room décor.  ...

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Why Go for Professional Furniture Removal Services?

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Occasionally, you will want to relocate to a new address, replace old furniture or simply buy new furniture. You will definitely need the services of furniture removal experts to help you conduct the movement efficiently. Furniture removal services are there to help you safely and conveniently move your furniture and other home items from one location to another. The following are some reasons as why you should opt for furniture removal services. Packaging Packaging can be a tiring job when you are alone and do not have the expertise. Furniture removal services help you to properly pack your items, preparing them for movement. The packaging services include making sure that every package is well protected and that they arrive on their destination in perfect condition. In addition, packaging boxes and moving equipment are available for your disposal, increasing the efficiency of your relocation. Moving advice By hiring furniture removal services, they are able to advice you on the best moving tips and how to protect yourself against any unforeseen circumstances. Furniture removal experts may advice you on the best ways to package your belongings, the loading techniques, the claims procedure, and most importantly, a suitable insurance cover. Man Power Picture yourself relocating to your new address, and all you have is your family members to help you to load the heavy furniture to an awaiting truck; it definitely does not sound pleasing. By hiring the services of furniture moving experts, you have at your disposal enough man power to help you pack, load and move the items in question to their desired destination. The level of expertise from professional movers reduces the chances of damages and loss significantly. Time Most importantly, you wouldn’t want to put your businesses to a standstill just because you are relocating to a new address. Furniture movers definitely understand that time is of the essence and will fit themselves into your tight schedule. For example, if you work at home, you may schedule the movers to relocate you through the night while you are enjoying your sleep in a hotel, only to resume work in your new house the next day. Economical Think about it, if you are moving yourself, you will need to a hire a van and packing materials and buy other necessary equipment that will assist you in the process. However, by hiring the services of furniture removal, you will only pay for their services, saving you the cost buying things that you will only need once, making the cost of moving less than it would cost acquiring the packing supplies...

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How to Mow Lawns Like a Pro

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you are planning on starting a landscaping business, one of the first things you should know how to do is mow lawns properly. This will help your clients have healthy, green lawns, and actually make your job easier. Here are some essential tips for mowing lawns like a pro. Be Careful How Much You Cut It is tempting to cut grass as short as possible, but this is a common mistake you need to avoid. When mowing a client’s lawn, make sure you don’t remove all of the grass the first time you cut it. Doing too much at one time leaves a lawn with an unhealthy look and can halt growth. Instead of doing that, mow a small amount of the grass, then return after a few days to see if more needs to be cut. If you are cutting a cool season grass, it should never be cut short. You want it at an attractive and manageable height, but for draining and root system purposes, keep it a little higher than other grasses. Use a High-Quality Lawnmower Mowing other people’s lawns is far different from only maintaining your own. When you run a landscaping business, you need to have the best equipment available. Have a combination of lawnmowers, including a riding lawnmower and traditional push lawnmower. Some mowers are better for smaller lawns, while others are good for larger lawns. If you use the wrong lawnmower, you might have uneven cuts and an imperfect finished products. Also make sure the blades on the lawnmower are always sharpened for clean cuts. Leave Lawn Clippings on the Ground Unless your client has specific requests to bag up the grass clippings, let them fall where they are and leave them on the lawn. The clippings will decompose in a short period of time and provide nutrients to the rest of the lawn. Before too long, the client will no longer see the cut blades of grass and will have a healthy, green lawn. Bagging clippings should only be done in rare cases, such as if the client wants to make mulch with the clippings by combining with other organic material, or if a lot of grass was cut, leaving large clumps around the yard. Mow Differently Each Time Every time you mow the same lawn, change the direction in which you moved the lawnmower. This can help you avoid having grass that grows back in a specific pattern. If you see someone’s lawn that always seems to grow with set rows that are obvious to see, it is probably because the person mowing the lawn kept using the same pattern and technique every single...

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Patio Builders | 3 Winning Additions To Winterise Your Outdoor Patio

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016 in Uncategorized |

While most patios are dressed to embrace the warmth of the glorious summer sun, there’s no reason why certain additions cannot help you enjoy your outdoor patio during winters. Work with your patio builders to make these winning additions and enjoy your al fresco space throughout the year. Make Room For A Rooftop Depending on your specific preference, you can either choose to install a permanent construction or you can mount seasonal canopies for your patio’s rooftop. Either way, your patio will benefit from contained heat in the cooler months. Adding a rooftop is a great way to protect your patio from harsh winds and heavy rains during winters, allowing you to enjoy your al fresco space by blocking out breeze when it gets too chilly. Work with your patio builders to choose between permanent pergola roofs, temporary umbrellas, shade sails or retractable awnings based on your personal tastes. Construct A Fireplace One of the cosiest ways to enjoy a patio in winter is to build a fireplace for the area. Depending on your existing patio style and budget, you can either choose to build a large fireplace or a small one. The choices for fireplaces are aplenty for your patio. You can either choose to build a gas or electric fireplace depending on your specific needs. If you cannot build a fireplace, you can install portable fire pits across different parts of your patio. Apart from a main fireplace, you can even add small heat lamps to different areas of your patio to keep in cosy when temperatures dip. With so many modern gadgets, you also have the choice to construct a small fireplace on your patio table. Working with your patio builders to establish the design and size of your fireplace will depend on the space available, your specific taste and your budget. Heat Up Your Floors If your patio space is too small to build a fireplace, then you may want to consider heating your patio floors for added comfort during winters. Heated floors will keep the patio warm and snug, so you can enjoy your al fresco lifestyle without compromise, whether you have tiled, concrete or timber floors. Heated patio floors provide a dual benefit. They not only heat your flooring to keep your feet warm, but they also warm up your overall patio space. Your patio builders can easily undertake this installation, so you may want to consider this factor for winterising your patio. If you want to enjoy your outdoor space in winter, work with your patio builders to make these smart additions....

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Renovating Your Coastal Vacation Home for Summer

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you have a coastal vacation home that you visit during the summer months, it may need some sprucing up for the warmer weather. From outdated windows, chipped paint and rotting decks, these are all cosmetic blemishes that can be easily remedied with a little hard work and renovation. The key to tackling all of the necessary renovations is getting organized. Make a list of everything that needs attention and complete one task at a time, before you know it your coastal vacation home will be ready for warmer months and barbeques. Use the following list to learn about some of the most common renovations that you should consider for your coastal vacation home this summer. Landscaping Chances are, if your summer house is vacant during the winter months, the landscape will need a bit of work. You should make sure that you plant early so that the landscaping looks good by the time you visit in the summer, which may require hiring a professional landscaping company. Siding and Paths After sitting all winter, your home’s exterior may need the paved areas and siding power washed. This cleaning process can be just as dramatic as adding a new coat of paint. You can do this yourself by renting a pressure washing machine at your local hardware store. Eliminate Eyesores If the interior is too outdated for your tastes, consider taking the time to spruce up a few areas. Take time to remove or clean stained carpets, tacky light fixtures and outdated wallpaper. Another good candidate for renovation is any existing popcorn ceilings that may be present. You do not have to spend a ton of money to complete these fixes, and you can still achieve a contemporary, simple and clean looking renovation for your coastal vacation home. Add or Fix the Deck If the property does not have a deck, consider adding one. This can add a nice place to relax in the evening and unwind. If there is a deck and it’s starting to look a little aged, you may want to fix it up a bit. In either situation, be sure to find a quality deck builder to help with the process. Taking these steps can help you update your coastal vacation home and make it modern for coming years. This will also be beneficial if you plan to sell or rent the space when you are not visiting. Having an updated and modern vacation home can help to increase the appeal of your home and make your summer even more...

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