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Clean Blinds | 3 Steps for Removing Mould From Fabric Roller Blinds

Posted by on Sep 23, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Fabric roller blinds offer aesthetic and functional appeal to any room in a home, but ever so often mould and mildew can cause them to get damaged. Apart from being unsightly, mould is also harmful from a health perspective, because it can give rise to allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. No matter how careful you are, you cannot always avoid mould. When the sun’s hot rays come in contact with cool glass surfaces, moisture and condensation will occur on the pane. Your window blinds will soak up this moisture and form mould on the surface. Luckily, you can follow some smart cleaning steps to remove mould from fabric roller blinds. Use a solution of detergent and water  Fabric roller blinds are ideal for the growth of mould because the living spores of mould tend to cling on to porous surfaces and fabrics more easily. These spores need to be tackled to prevent the mould from spreading and irreversibly damaging your fabric blinds. Start by using a solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water on the fabric surface with a bristle brush. This helps to remove the surface- level mould and dirt on the blinds. This initial cleaning process will help to loosen the mould and grime more easily.  Apply vinegar or lime juice directly on the mould Once you have applied the detergent solution, apply either vinegar or lime juice directly on the mould. Let the vinegar or lime juice remain on the mould surface for a few hours. The acetic acid in these ingredients will cut through the mould to loosen and remove it from the surface. Add some salt to the lime or vinegar solution and let it sit for a little while. Salt is known to kill single-cell bacteria like mould spores through dehydration. Avoid using bleach, because it doesn’t kill the mould and can lighten the colour of your fabric blinds. Once the salt and vinegar/lime solution has dried out, you can use the bristle brush to wipe the salt crust away from the surface. Make sure you do this over paper sheets, so that you can quickly dispose of the mould into the bin.  Rinse with warm water and mild detergent  Rinse once again with warm water and mild detergent to ensure that the surface is completely clean before hanging out in the sun for drying. Make sure that the roller blinds have dried completely before hanging them over your windows once again.  Prevent extensive damage to your fabric roller blinds by following these cleaning steps to remove...

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How to Create Your Dream Kitchen by Resurfacing Your Cabinets

Posted by on Sep 8, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Like many home owners, you probably plan to renew the look of your cabinetry, but you don’t want to modify its current layout. In this case, your best option is a cabinet resurfacing. This lets you maintain the existing layout of your kitchen intact, but it will completely transform its appearance. Kitchen resurfacing with a company like Super Resurfacing is, in many cases, a better option than simply installing new cabinets. With this method, you won’t just save time, but you will cut down on costs as well. Can All Kitchen Cabinets be Refaced? In short, as long as your current kitchen is functional and well built, there is absolutely no need to start tearing it down and replace it with brand new cabinets. Almost every structurally stable cabinet can be refaced. If you want to add even more storage to your existing kitchen, some cabinet refacing companies can build additional cabinets to match the ones you already have; that way there won’t be any design discrepancies. Desks, pantries, extra cabinets – all of these can be custom made to suit your needs entirely. You can choose from dozens of various style, material, and colour combinations. Is Kitchen Resurfacing a Permanent Solution? Most resurfacing companies use a double lamination process. This process involves a very thin substrate of wood that is bonded with the current visible surface of your cabinet in order to enhance its durability. Once that is done, the exterior surfaces are covered with another layer of laminated materials or wood. This process not only adds to the aesthetic value of your kitchen, but it also increases the structural integrity of your cabinets. While resurfacing is not an entirely permanent solution, you will be able to reap the rewards from this process for many years to come. Is Kitchen Resurfacing an Environmentally Friendly Procedure? Absolutely! With kitchen resurfacing you can rest assured that you won’t harm the environment whatsoever. You will feel better whenever you walk into the refaced kitchen knowing that you have helped the environment with your green initiative. With kitchen resurfacing you also spend fewer resources that you would have spent if you were to tear the current kitchen down and buy all new cabinetry. With this affordable and eco-friendly alternative, you will keep your current cabinets in great condition and out of the landfill. Additionally, kitchen resurfacing helps conserve one of the most precious resources of yours as well – your...

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Window Furnishings | 3 Considerations for Installing Plantation Shutters

Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Plantation shutters provide excellent eye appeal to any home, while doubling up as a means of protecting the interiors from windy drafts and external debris. These window furnishings look great in modern or vintage homes and can easily be customised to complement an array of architectural styles and designs. If you’re thinking of installing plantation shutters for your windows, here is a checklist of considerations. Choose the Type of Shutter Movement Before you select, you will need to choose the type of shutter movement you desire for your plantation shutters. For example, bi-fold shutters are dual connected panels that are hinged to a single opening. You can fold them and open them together as a unit. Sliding shutters are placed on tracks and are a good choice for smaller rooms. Hinged panel shutters are single panels on hinges that allow you to open a single unit at a time. These work well for larger rooms and bigger window panels. Depending on your room and space, you can finalise your shutter movement. Decide your Material You can choose between different materials for plantation shutters –– from traditional choices like wood to modern choices like vinyl, plastics, aluminium and laminates. You can never go wrong with the classic look of timber, but choices like vinyl and laminate can also be good choices in moist rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, because of their ability to withstand heat and moisture. Aluminium may not be a good indoor choice, because the material is a good conductor of heat and will leave the room feeling unnaturally cold during winters. Solid timber is an excellent insulator for preventing heat from exiting the home during winters, but may need a little more cleaning and polishing maintenance than its plastic and vinyl counterparts. Make your selection based on your personal preferences, maintenance capabilities and room requirements. Select your Finish For plantation shutters, you will need to decide whether you are looking for a painted, oiled, powder-coated (aluminium) or stained finish –– depending on the existing décor of your home. Painting has more colour choices than staining, but the latter can give your home a more natural finish by completing several existing elements. Timber plantation shutters may need re-coating from time to time, so be sure to check up on the re-coating options when choosing a stained or oiled finish for wood windows. Plantation shutters are often cited as a major selling point for housing sales pitches, contributing added curb appeal to your home. Use these considerations as a stepping-stone to making the right choices for your...

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Kitchen Design | 4 Smart Low-Budget Ideas To Refurbish Your Rental Kitchen

Posted by on Aug 13, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Living in a rented apartment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your kitchen. While drastic structural changes may not be possible, simple low-budget upgrades can transform the way you use your kitchen space. Use these smart ideas to overhaul your outdated kitchen design for an instant facelift. Change or Add Kitchen Lighting Bright kitchen lights won’t cost you much and they can dramatically improve the look of your kitchen design. If your kitchen lighting is dull and dim, chances are you don’t use your kitchen as you desire. Changing an overhead lighting fixture or adding task lights to your kitchen workstation is quite simple. More importantly, it won’t cost you a fortune. You can easily find well-maintained second-hand overhead lighting fixtures at local markets or garage sales. Better lighting will certainly improve the look of your kitchen design while permitting you to work more efficiently. Add Open Shelves Open shelves along empty walls are easy to install and won’t cost you much. They present an excellent opportunity to de-clutter your kitchen floor space by intelligently maximising the use of idle walls. Eliminating floor clutter will drastically upscale the look of your kitchen design. Low-budget open shelves can easily be purchased for this simple DIY task — this means you won’t have to shell out between $40 up to $80 per hour for a carpenter to do the job. Give your Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint A simple coat of paint is highly underrated. The truth is that it will give your kitchen an instant facelift with minimal effort on a low budget. Worn out walls will result in dull and dreary-looking kitchens, so be sure to incorporate this upgrade idea into your kitchen design changes. You can use a similar paint colour to the existing wall colour or you can choose to change the wall colour completely — you may want to get the buy-in of your landlord before you go ahead with changing the entire kitchen colour. Update the Taps and Hardware Replacing your kitchen taps is a straightforward upgrade task in a rental apartment — a valuable upgrade, especially if your old taps are spewing out rust-laden water. Besides kitchen taps, you can also replace old cabinet knobs and doorknobs with something more decorative to transform the look of your kitchens. Knobs and taps can easily be purchased at a local home improvement store. You may want to get the permission of your landlord before you undertake any of these budget-friendly tasks to improve your overall kitchen design. If you have the opportunity to make more extensive upgrades, talk with a contractor from a business like Kitchen Connection to brainstorm...

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Efficient Heating | 3 Smart Reasons to Equip your Home with a Solar Hot Water System

Posted by on Jul 30, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Using a solar hot water heater for your home will not only provide you with adequate hot water all round the year, but it will also reduce your energy bills drastically. With the abundance of natural sunlight available throughout Australia, a solar water heater system is an ideal choice to provide between 50 and 90 percent of your water needs. The resultant impact of a solar water heater is the drastic reduction on your energy consumption, since this system uses natural solar energy and not electricity for water heating. Here are some reasons why installing a solar hot water system can make a positive impact on your financial independence. Energy Bills Reduction The most obvious reason to install a solar water heater system is because of the drastic reduction in your energy bills –– especially when gas and electricity prices are constantly on the rise. Installing a solar hot water heater is a good way to protect yourself from future rises in gas and electricity. On an average, approximately 21 percent of the energy used in a home is used to heat water. Solar water heating will eliminate this cost entirely –– reducing your household budget drastically. Avail of Government Incentives and Rebates The state and federal government in Australia provides a number of rebates and incentives for homeowners. This makes smart financial sense for installing solar hot water systems. For example, the Victorian government offers two incentives –– small-scale technology certificates and Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates based on certain eligibility criteria. Most state governments in Australia issue small-scale technology certificates, which liable entities are legally obligated to purchase and surrender to the energy regulator. Decreases your Carbon Emissions Footprint Besides financial benefits, it’s hard to deny the social benefits that solar hot water brings when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This will decrease the burden on future generations. Electric water heating is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions from Australian homes –– in fact, electric water heaters generate a quarter of all household emissions at approximately 23 percent. The installation of a solar hot water system can reduce your carbon emissions anywhere from 2.4 to 3 tonnes. Currently, gas contributes to 48 percent of the energy from water heating, while electricity comes in a close second at 45 percent. With only 4 percent coming from solar hot water, it becomes abundantly clear that the potential for Australian households to adopt this renewable form of energy is huge. Solar hot water is will not just save the environment, it will also potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars in energy...

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Frameless Shower Screens are Perfect for Smaller Bathrooms

Posted by on Jul 21, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Remodelling a smaller bathroom is often rather tricky. These are rooms which need both a number of large fixtures and enough space to move around in, but it’s very easy to overcrowd them when space is at a premium. One of the best tricks is to install a frameless shower screen: Easier to Clean Smaller bathrooms are naturally harder to clean than larger ones, since the lack of space often forces you to contort yourself into uncomfortable shapes in order to reach every nook and cranny. Luckily, there just aren’t as many nooks and crannies to deal with when you install a frameless shower screen. Without many moving parts or metal edges, they’re extremely simple, with very few areas in which mould and dirt can build up. You’ll mostly just need to wipe down the glass to get the job done. Makes Your Bathroom Feel Bigger The most obvious benefit associated with installing a frameless shower screen is that it will make the room seem much larger. Opaque materials – such as shower curtains – tend to make a room feel more confined, while the framework of traditional shower frames only breaks up the space. In contrast, a frameless screen opens up the room, providing it with a sense of flow which can’t be matched by other options. Brightens up the Space If your bathroom is on the smaller side, it’s more than likely that it doesn’t benefit from a huge amount of natural light. You’ll usually be restricted to just one small window, and that lack of light means that your bathroom won’t look its best. You’ll also find it harder to groom yourself. That’s just another reason to consider fitting a frameless shower screen. They’ll define the space of the shower, but won’t reduce the flow of light within the room. Minimalist Chic Larger bathrooms tend to handle bold colours and larger decorative items fairly well, but the same cannot usually be said for smaller ones. Those smaller rooms are usually given a minimal design, and the unbroken expanse of glass which makes up a frameless shower screen makes them extremely popular among both homeowners and interior decorators who want to capture that elegant, understated appearance. Frameless shower screens make your bathroom look bigger, brighter, and simpler, while also ensuring that you spend less time cleaning. If you’ve got a small bathroom, it’s definitely worth taking the time to consider installing one. Contact a company that specializes in shower screens for more...

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How to Choose the Right Automatic Fence Gates Opener

Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Uncategorized |

You may have found the perfect gate for your property, but you still need to think about the type of opener you’ll use to automate the process. The issue with gates and openers is they’re dependent on each other, so choosing the wrong opener could potentially result in hundreds of dollars in maintenance and repair savings. If you match your gate with the right opener, you increase the life cycle of your automated gate system. Here are some questions you need to answer before making a purchase: Are You Using a Single or Dual Gate? Not only do you have to plan the space on your property, but you should also consider how openers for dual and single gates differ in the mechanics they use and the power they need to perform the task. If you purchase a single gate opener and you have a dual gate, you may experience malfunctions and system overhaul in the first year of usage. Planning to Have a Sliding Gate? Sounds pretty basic, but you must keep in mind that most of the gate openers on the market are designed for swinging gates. Some suppliers don’t even have sliding gate openers on their list of products, yet many of them will produce one per demand. If you’re going with a swinging gate, make sure you know which way it’s heading when you open it before you go to the store. You don’t want your gate getting jammed because of a minor technicality. Any Power Outlets Around? As stated in the name, electric gate systems run on electricity, and you’ll have to think through whether there’s a 110V AC power source near the gate. But even if you don’t have this much power on hand, you can use solar panels to power your gate. How Big is Your Gate? Depending on your needs and the type of property you run, your gate may come in various shapes and sizes. You should always know the length of your gate leafs as well as their weight. If the gate is particularly big and heavy, you’ll probably need a customized electronic gate opener, with greater power than the basic model. Selecting the right automatic gate fence opener can be tough, especially if you’re trying to implement it in a rural region with no power outlets around, but answering these simple questions will significantly improve your chances of creating an impeccable automated system. For more information on how automatic fence gates work, talk with a business like Long Life...

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How to Care for Your Mattress and Extend its Life

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A quality mattress can be the difference between a great night’s sleep and a very ordinary one. The benefits of waking up rested and refreshed from a supportive mattress can set the entire day up for success, and as the place where we spend almost a third of our day, investing in a quality mattress is an important purchase. Quality constructed mattresses don’t come cheap; however, there are many things that can be done to keep a mattress in good condition to ensure the mattress continues to facilitate a good night of sleep for many, many years to come. 1. Rotate the Mattress Instead of turning the mattress over, rotating the mattress from head to toe will help to ensure the mattress springs wear more evenly, as weight is more evenly distributed. Try to rotate the mattress once every six months for even wearing, keeping in mind that most new mattresses are not double sided and will not need to be flipped. 2. Use a Mattress Protector A mattress protector will ensure the mattress stays clean and provide a barrier from stains and smells while also providing a buffer between dust mites and other allergens taking refuge in the mattress. There are many different protectors available, some hypoallergenic, some with waterproof properties that can protect the mattress from absorbing urine or other spills. As the mattress ages, a padded protector will also help to make the surface of the bed more comfortable. In colder climates, padded cotton protectors are a breathable material but also help to provide warmth.  3. Avoid Sitting On Edges of Mattresses The edges are the weaker points of mattresses, and as this area is compressed by sitting on the bed, sagging and weak points are created. This damage can then be transferred to connecting springs. Sitting on the bed in general should be avoided but can be a tough habit to break, especially while getting ready for work and tying shoes, etc. If you can avoid sitting up on a mattress completely, it will avoid concentrated weight in certain areas and avoid wear and tear on springs. 4. Don’t Store a Mattress Vertically When moving and storing your mattress for a period, or if have a spare mattress in storage, make sure to store mattresses flat. Storing the mattress on its end will mean the weight of the mattress will be transferred to the base, placing prolonged pressure on the springs at one end. 5. Air The Mattress to Help It Stay Fresh It’s important to give all bedding a good airing from time to time, including mattresses. If you can’t take it outside every 6 months in the sunshine, strip off all bedding and protectors and open the window or consider placing a fan to promote air-flow and reduce any dampness around the mattress. This will assist in removing bad smells and help to prevent mould or mildew growth. If there are any stains or mould, these can be removed using upholstery steam or dry cleaning methods. This can restore dirty or soiled mattresses that are otherwise structurally in tact; however, protectors will help to avoid most common causes of mattress soiling. Even if you do all these things, mattresses will get worn out. If you need a new mattress or bedding, visit a...

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Choosing the right firewood for heating

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Wood fires are romantic and produce delicious, flavourful food, but there’s more to them than just atmosphere. A wood fireplace or stove can also be an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient means of heating your home. But getting the best result out of a wood heater or stove means choosing the right firewood. Different woods have different qualities in terms of efficiency, safety and effect on the environment. Here are a few things to look for when buying your fuel.  Seasoning Although most wood will burn, not all wood burns equally well. Unseasoned timber contains high levels of moisture; it will burn poorly and release a lot of smoke. Purchase seasoned timber or season your own by leaving it outside for up to a year. Using recycled wood is an environmentally-friendly way to fuel your wood stove, but not all recycled wood is suitable. Be sure not to burn wood that has been painted or chemically treated, such as old furniture or railroad ties; the fumes from the burning chemicals can be unpleasant or even harmful, as well as damaging the environment. Clean scrap wood such as crates or pallets may have to be broken up before use but is otherwise fine.   Source Historically, demand for firewood has done a lot of damage to Australia’s environment, threatening several tree species like box, ironbark and the River Red gum. Part of the problem is that these trees have very high heat potential, turning a high percentage of their mass into energy when burned. If you buy these species, however, be sure that you’re buying them from a sustainable plantation; felling trees in the wild is threatening their numbers, and even fallen or dead trees play an important role in the ecosystem, providing habitats for many animal species. Get your firewood for heating from firewood merchants now get their wood only from managed plantations.  Suitability Quite apart from the questions of sustainability, each species also has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, red gum burns steadily and produces plenty of heat, but gives off little visible flame. This makes it a good choice for wood-fired slow combustion heaters, but not as suitable for the visual effect of an open fireplace. A mixture of wood from different species is often the best choice for all-purpose fuel. Consider these three points when choosing firewood and you’ll be able to find the wood that’s right for your heating...

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5 Common Types of Tile Flooring Materials

Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized |

The popularity of tile floors can be attributed to the durability, style and relative affordability of the material. Tiles are versatile products which can be installed in literally any room within the residential environment. There are different types of tiles with varying properties in the construction market. The task of selecting the ideal flooring match for a renovation project or your new home can be daunting. Here is a short description of the common types of tiles to help you make a good decision. Quarry Tile Quarry tiles are made from natural clay and shales through an extrusion manufacturing process. It is a resilient and hardwearing material therefore it can be installed indoors and outdoors. You can also purchase freeze-resistant products if the local climate will expose your flooring to freeze-thaw actions. There are different types of finishes available including unglazed tiles for a traditional look and abrasive units for strong anti-slip properties. Porcelain Tile Porcelain tiles are variants of the standard ceramic tiles, manufactured at very high temperatures. The porcelain flooring is relatively harder and it has a very low water absorption rate. These superior properties mean that the material is considerably more expensive than alternatives. It is the ideal choice for residential areas that are exposed to high moisture such as bathrooms. You can also install the porcelain tiles in high traffic areas since they are very sturdy. Terracotta Tile Terracotta tiles are clay-based ceramic flooring material which can be manufactured by hand or machines. The material is earthen and flexible therefore you can purchase products with great aesthetic interest. The main drawback of terracotta tiles is the extensive porosity which limits the expediency in wet areas. Moreover, this flooring will need more maintenance including regular resealing to prevent water damage. Marble Tile Marble tiles are made from metamorphic natural rock which is beautiful and very expensive. If you have good financial resources, you can order honed and polished marble for maximum visual impact. This type of material is primarily used to enhance interior walls but it is also functionally effective for flooring use. However, you should not install the material in wet conditions since it is relatively porous. Slate Tile Slate tiles are highly resilient and resistant to fading, corrosion and freezing. The material is obtained from natural rock so it has unique aesthetic appeal when cut by experts like Tiles Republic. Furthermore, you can choose sealed slate tiles which are resistant to stains and more durable than standard...

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How to Make a Choice Between Retractable & Stationary Awnings

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Are you interested in buying some awnings for your commercial property, but are not sure if you should select retractable or stationary ones? Then by learning more about each type of awning, you can find out which one will match your specific requirements. With that thought in mind, here is some information on retractable and stationary awnings. Retractable Awnings Retractable awnings have the advantage of allowing you to have them installed, and then quickly taken apart if you want to provide a different look for your commercial real estate. For example, they can be used when it is raining, or to provide shade from the hot sun. So if you have a restaurant you could use awnings to allow people to eat outside while the whether isn’t perfect. You can choose motorised retractable awnings, which means that you can retract the awnings by the push of a button. This allows you to have a lot of flexibility over how you use them on a day to day basis. For example, if unforeseen strong winds appear then you can retract them in order to keep them safe from tearing. The point is that with motorized awnings you can have them retracted quickly, and even when you are busy serving your customers. However, retractable awnings will require more maintenance that stationary ones because there are more parts, and also the cost will be higher. Stationary Awnings Stationary awnings will be put up in front of your commercial real estate and they will stay there for the duration of their lifetime. The benefit of this is the ability to advertise your business around the clock. For example, you can put your company name, logo and a description of your business on the front of the awnings. This type of advertisement can increase the number of people coming in through the doors in order to buy your products and services. However, since stationary awnings are meant to be a permanent installation you will carefully need to consider their size, design and colour scheme. That’s because if you change your mind down the road then it is a wasted expense having to invest in some new awnings. Furthermore, stationary awnings can be designed to be much larger in size that retractable ones, and can even be a free-standing structure. This is ideal if you have a café or a restaurant and want to provide a lot of seating outdoors. Learn more about your options by consulting suppliers such as Blind...

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